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❥💕I have loved you all, the young and the old, the trembling reed and the oak. By Khalil Gibran

Khalil Gibran is one of the most famous poets in Lebanon. His words reach my heart, and each time I read his poems I feel he is speaking directly to my soul. The simplicity of his composition on Love are a music of spirituality.

❥💕 My friends and my neighbours and you who daily pass my gate, I would speak to you in your sleep, and in the valley of your dreams I would walk naked and unrestrained; far heedless are your waking hours and deaf are your sound-burdened ears.

Long did I love you and overmuch.

I love the one among you as though he were all, and all as if you were one. And in the spring of my heart I sang in your gardens, and in the summer of my heart I watched at your threshing-floors.

Yea, I loved you all, the giant and the pigmy, the leper and the anointed, and him who gropes in the dark even as him who dances his days upon the mountains.

You, the strong, have I loved, though the marks of your iron hoofs are yet upon my flesh; and you the weak, though you have drained my faith and wasted my patience.

You the rich have I loved, while bitter was your honey to my mouth; and you the poor, though you knew my empty-handed shame.

You the poet with the barrowed lute and blind fingers, you have I loved in self indulgence; and you the scholar, ever gathering rotted shrouds in potters’ fields.

You the priest I have loved, who sit in the silences of yesterday questioning the fate of my tomorrow; and you the worshippers of gods the images of your own desires.

You the thirsting woman whose cup is ever full, I have loved you in understanding; and you the woman of restless nights, you too I have loved in pity.

You the talkative have I loved, saying, ‘Life hath much to say’; and you the dumb have I loved, whispering to myself, ‘Says he not in silence that which I fain would hear in words?’

And you the judge and the critic, I have loved also; yet when you have seen me crucified, you said, ‘He bleeds rhythmically, and the pattern his blood makes upon his white skin is beautiful to behold.’

Yea, I have loved you all, the young and the old, the trembling reed and the oak.

💕 ❤ ❥💕

extract from The Forerunner, By Khalil Gibran

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