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From Lebanese Expats with Love ♥💕

Using our services, you can shop for baskets of products from wherever you are in the World, and we deliver your loved ones in Lebanon. After your purchase, you will receive by email a voucher with a code and a Lebanese contact number. With this voucher, your loved ones need to contact our team in …

Our Services

Send a food basket home to your loved ones!

This time Zaatar will be flying the other way around !!!!
Whether from Paris, London, New York, or anywhere in the world… Let’s send back some loveby ordering one of the proposed baskets and having it delivered to our loved ones.💕

Our Services

Send a food basket for a charitable organization of your choice!

Not long ago I discovered the immense luck I had to live in a house, to have food and water at will…

What does it means to help someone?
Helping is just giving money to others, isn’t it ? For me, helping others is making a gesture of love to others, it’s supporting others when it is time. It’s bringing back a sense of happiness to the faces of others!